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Shaking hands with them feels so fake. You got no grip.
Make amends to get sleep. Get it off your back. Talk about
the hate. It makes you big. You emphasize everything that
makes you feel like shit. It's too much to take for you.
Grow up. Everybody's got a problem.

Line up the pain. You run out of space. Tell me how to act
when I feel betrayed and backstabbed. No matter what
I'll try to understand how it made you feel. I get it.

You really hate yourself like you hate the truth. Like all
my friends. I think they hate me too. Honestly, all they
do is stress me out. All they do is talk shit instead.
I'll never understand why you always act like everybody else.

No. You think it's true. I can be the same. Thinking like I know
what's up. Faking like I make a change.

I cry to see the truth in you. Something brought
me here buried in the feathers. Soft like a kiss.
A wish come true. You look at me. Make this last forever.

Nothing feels like this. Make it last forever.


from No Love, released April 20, 2016



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