No Love

by flashlights

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Sebastian Gutierrez
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Sebastian Gutierrez You guys never fail to make everything amazing and every song is nothing short of magicical. Favorite track: Nothing.
Marshal Rones
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Marshal Rones Destined for greatness, Flashlights’ “It Factor” grabs the audience and infuses the music into the soul and stream of consciousness. Regardless of the type of music you crave, the raw talent and excellence of this band are undeniable. Listen at your next opportunity because when it comes to the landscape of music, Flashlights are poised to be a major force in the industry for years to come. Favorite track: You're My Friend.
Kevin Cabuhat
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Kevin Cabuhat Great new album dudes!
Taylor Jay
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Taylor Jay Every album gets better. Favorite track: Buzz.
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BIG THANKS to everybody and anybody who's supported our music.

Peace 'n' Love.

released on PROTAGONIST MUSIC <3


released April 20, 2016

Released on 4.20.2016
Recorded at The Cat Shack 2015-2016
Written / Produced / Engineered / Mixed by Terry Caudill
Cover Art by Terry Caudill
Mastered by Wesley Wolfe

Performed by Flashlights:
Terry Caudill - Guitar / Vocals
Melissa Hopkins - Drums
Will Powell - Bass
Ian T Sanders - Guitar

**Vocals on "NOTHING" performed by Stephanie Brooks**



all rights reserved


flashlights Florida

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Track Name: You're My Friend
Tough love is what I get. No thought. I hit a wall again. My fault.
I'm a chump. It's in my face. Don't waste your breath again.
You're my friend. I depend on your hands instead. You touch
me in a way no one has. You know I give up. You know I'm lost.
You know it shows. You knowww.

One more time, tell me where I went wrong. Sugarcoat it all
when you're fooling no one. Say it to my face. I know you
owe me that much. What's the point in going on? I feel
so dumb when I try to let you know what feels wrong.

It's making everything hard on me and you. It's all on me.
Track Name: Black Out
All the time, you're looking for help. It looks like you
got someone else. What am I to you? Someone to
keep you company? Don't waste my time if your eyes
ain't on me. I care for you more than I should. Forget me
if it's what you want. I'll be gone again. Then you start
missing me. It's not over yet. It never is. It's not over yet.

Black out. I had to much to think. What did you expect? I feel
so goddamn lonely. I'm making time for me. Even if it hurts.
Find someone who wants me like the way I want you.

I look back on everything and all the situations where
I couldn't make the right decisions. I think I took you
for granted. Stupid me. Now you're free. You'll go out
and look for something special. Something that reminds
you what it's like to do what you please. When it's all
said and done, you run to me. It's easy.

It hit you so bad, you break down. You confess it all
and rip my heart. Home was me and you. Home, me, you.
I tell you all the time how much I need you. A lifetime of
nothing but pain. Hurts to know I've been shamed.
Flower pedals lead you to me. You break my heart.
It hits this is you. This is youuuuuu.
Track Name: Buzz
Bugs come and say "what's good?". We're making friends.
Some people won't look at us. Who gives a fuck.
Call me dumb. Call me what you will if it's what you feel.
Don't be mad. Just let it out.

I think about how they make me think I'm in the dark
about everything that's going on.

Buzzed around. So bored with me. Too high to get along
with me. Backed into a wall today. No doors to escape
all the things that make me sad. I told my self getting help
would work in the end.

In the end, I want you to think I'm doing fine. You said you
can't take it. Is it too late to quit? How did you fix this voice
in my head? So lonely without you. I wish I was dead.
Track Name: Feel
Shaking hands with them feels so fake. You got no grip.
Make amends to get sleep. Get it off your back. Talk about
the hate. It makes you big. You emphasize everything that
makes you feel like shit. It's too much to take for you.
Grow up. Everybody's got a problem.

Line up the pain. You run out of space. Tell me how to act
when I feel betrayed and backstabbed. No matter what
I'll try to understand how it made you feel. I get it.

You really hate yourself like you hate the truth. Like all
my friends. I think they hate me too. Honestly, all they
do is stress me out. All they do is talk shit instead.
I'll never understand why you always act like everybody else.

No. You think it's true. I can be the same. Thinking like I know
what's up. Faking like I make a change.

I cry to see the truth in you. Something brought
me here buried in the feathers. Soft like a kiss.
A wish come true. You look at me. Make this last forever.

Nothing feels like this. Make it last forever.
Track Name: Useless
If my timing is bad, you'd be so pissed. It's all on my back.
It makes me so sick. If I'm working for this, fuckin up shit,
one day you'll see how much you really hate me.

You're hoping to find peace of mind this time.
You take what you get. There's no shame in it.
No, I've been there before. I saw what's at the end.
You don't think I'm a man. This is prison.

I've been thinking too much. I want to turn off. Take me down
to the pit of no return. Climbing up the walls. I gotta let loose.
Beat me down again.

I gotta feel something that won't make me sad.
Something that brings me to my feet. I take what I get.
I get lifted. Everything I'm told is a lie. I thought you were on
my side. I was wrong. You turned your back.

Yeah, tie the knot, walk off the shelf. You can see me at my best.
So useless.
Track Name: Down
I feel down and sick. Turned off by this garbage, this shit.
I'm on drugs again. Gotta clean away the guilt and shame.
You think I don't try at all. I freak out when you're making
me feel dumb. It's no fun. I don't get it.

This sucks. No love. I feel cheep. So weak.

Take away everything. I remember what to say when you lie.
You lied about me. It's okay. It doesn't mean a thing. Not to me.

I get high again. I get turned on when I'm covered in spit.
Soaking up all the fists. Left by myself. I think on it. Let it go.
Watch it die. Do what makes you feel alright. No fun.
It's a mess I've been dealing with.

I feel fine like this. Why do I feel bad? You say nothing back.
Sad... it's sad.

You're to blame for the time you took from me. Lift the curse
you put on everything. I'm levitating. This is all a dream.
Track Name: Dumb
You seriously blocked me from posting on your page
you're the BIGGEST prick.

Fuck you.
Track Name: Nothing
I'm thinking you're the one. I'm telling you it's love.
I think about you all the time. Every day and every night.

You walk in with nothing on and a body like OH.
Hands running around my throat. I can't say no.

I try to be somewhat alive. I can't do that.

Nothing lasts at all. I tried but it fell apart. It looks like I'm
giving up. I push but it's not enough.

You're thinking I'm the one. Feeling like a loaded gun.

No, I can't hide how I feel about you. There something
inside the way you tell the truth. You're saying things
I've never been told before. I think you changed.

You speak slow when you come home. Where did you go?
Where have you been? (I think you know.)
I think you can't see the truth. You made up your mind.
It's hard to show.

I thought you'd be around for life. That's what I told myself.