I'm Not Alone

by flashlights

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Recorded at Egghunt studios in Merritt Island FL.
Recorded & Mixed by Wesley Wolfe.
Produced by Wesley Wolfe & Flashlights.
Mastered at SI Studios by Tom Borthwick.
Co engineered by Anthony Fata & Paul Sikes.
Art work by Kelly Boggs.
Released on October 11, 2011
Vinyl Release - Tangible Formats - October 31st 2011
CD Release - Tangible Formats - September 2012
Vinyl Release - Protagonist Music - December 2011
Cassette Release - Jeremy Records - September 2012

Thanks to Julio Felix and Liam Malone <3 and all our other homies.

Special Thanks to Anthony Fata and Paul Sikes at East Coast Music.

In memory of Shane Swenson. RIP buddy.


released October 11, 2011

Terry- Guitar & Vocals
Tony- Guitar
Will- Bass
Mel- Drums
*Wesley Wolfe- Synth and Tamborine

All lyrics written by Terry.



all rights reserved


flashlights Florida

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Track Name: Choking
What the fuck do I know? Flowers and candies can't say what I want them to. Fuck talking on the phone. The conversation starts to sink and simple things get confused. It's my fault. It's all my fault. Again, I'll bend into any shape you'll understand, any spot, just tell me where to stand. I'll understand. Again, I'll break into pieces in your arms. Just say the word. You're breaking my heart again. It was the times I spent for days in your bed. They were the only times that ever made sense. Those times are dead. It's been too long since the last time we talked. Every time I hear your name, it takes me back to the first time we touched and how my legs went numb. Every thing fell into place. I thought my heart stopped. The lights went off. Our clothes were gone. Yeah, the records fucking skipping. It had to be my favorite song. I choke up every time. But now we're choking on the remains of a lie. Just forget about me.
Track Name: Mel Has A Problem
I can't make up my mind. Staring at the ground, closing my eyes. I can't make up for lost time. Forget what I said. It was a lie. Lying down, waiting for the day to end. Yeah, I've said it before. Fuck the sun. I'll stay inside. I can't sit still. Closing my eyes. As the noose hangs down, I saw you looking back at me. You walked through the doorway. It looked just like the picture from last week. The rope framed your face. Can you see why I'm in pain? As the chair drops to the floor, I promise I won't change. All I want for you is to understand is we all make mistakes. It happens. I'll try to be friends just as long as you'll understand. Just understand.
Track Name: Poking Fun
Waiting for you is like waiting for a life time. Hours go by and I'm so anxious that I want to die. Is my shirt on right? Is my smile looking bright. I wanna be anything that catches your eye. Do I look nice? Eyes I want to meet. Lips I want to feel on me. Would you believe me if I said I was out here in the cold rain, I wish you were with me. Should I take the bus because there are no trains? I don't want to stay at home. I've been here for days. How do your lips taste? Do you feel the same? Do you feel the same way? Do feel the same way about me? The more and the more that I fall in love, the more and the more that I turn into a dove.
Track Name: Sleep In
Out of places for my hands. We're out of words. I'm out of things to say. It's like my toungue won't work. Keep looking the other way. I need a new face. Placing my hand on your cheek used to feel warm. I used to hold your hand. I loved to kiss you more than I had to. I know I have issues. Don't let go. You know I need you so. I'm on my knees. Don't leave. It hurts to hear the birds yell and sing. Every morning when I wake up, I hear your name. I used to jump out of bed. Get up and close the shades. Sleep in. Let the morning end. Wake up to the sun going down before my door opens. Wake the fuck up. Where do I begin? You took what I said wrong. That's why I keep every thing in. But I want to change and I don't know which road to take.
Track Name: I Need My Things From Your Attic
Sleeping in the winter. Sleeping at night with the lights off. I planned on leaving in November. I heard that you moved on. I could tell you about how I feel but I choke on every word until the meanings are lost. Every word won't make up for the feelings I forgot. It's hard to make out what was left in my bed. Just the spot where you would lay your head on my lap. I guess I should move on. Just move on.
Track Name: Robert Caruso II
It hurts when your fingers scratch my back. My heart beats the more and the more that you kiss my lips. You left marks on my neck from your teeth. That's the most you've spoken to me all week. Sometimes it's hard to speak. It was the smell of your hair that made it hot in here. I think it's just me. My bed smells like sweat. It made me happy that you missed it. Could you taste it on my neck? Still, I'm going to miss sitting by the river. You said, "It feels like winter." Holding my hand, you said, "I want to drown in the ocean." So take me with you. I'll sail where the wind takes us to. I want to be with you. I'll follow where your fingers point me to. Sitting by the river, you said, "It feels like winter." Hold me by the hand. With you I can't breathe. With you I want to drown in the ocean. Sometimes it's hard to speak.
Track Name: It's Raining
Losing sleep. I'm moved by the way you speak. Losing weight. It's myself I think I hate. Days pass. I didn't know it would become this bad. Now, I'm fucked up again. The winter's gone. The heat's moving in. I'm a wreck. I'm still broke. I don't want to talk about it. I just want to be alone. It's not anything you've done to me. It's the mirror in the bathroom. It's the stains on my teeth. It's myself I think that hates me because I'm not mad. I'm just a little depressed. Sometimes I get upset. I said I'm depressed but it never made a difference. No, it didn't.
Track Name: Shit Gets Rough
I hate the morning. I don't want to leave my bed. My mouth tastes bad and I reek of cigarettes. Can the sun go down now? I hate how I need my friends around. Desperate. I'm fucking desperate. Everyone knows. Everyone fucking gets it. Staring down at the people from a ledge. I hope I don't make a mess on them. I wanna get fucked up, passing out in my own blood. Yeah, I wanna get let down. What goes around, comes around. I want to leave this town. Forget my things. Forget my house. Go fuck around and find out why I'm down. I'm going south. Is this real? If this is, I don't know how I feel. Day to day, I fall apart. Shit gets rough. Life gets hard. Stay in bed. Sleep instead. Fuck my job. I don't want to listen. Life gets hard.
Track Name: Shane Swenson
It wasn't on the surface. All the leaves have fallen. You said things seem different by the way you kiss me. Nothing comes out but some how it said every thing. I know you love me even when you say you hate me. Does it mean you're sorry? But it doesn't stop the names from hurting. You know I have bad dreams of us drowning in the sea. All the fishes, they are laughing. You're at the bottom waiting for me. It's just a dream. Your hair is still on the stairs. With in a moment I forgot it hurt. I fell asleep. Feeling like I'm dragging along. You said every thing I always wanted to hear. The wind shows emotion than you have all year. Falling down your staircase, I reached for your hand and you disappeared. Sometimes your hand feels cold against my face, around my throat. The wind blew through my window. I hope that's you telling me I'm not alone. I'm not alone.