Don't Take Me Seriously EP

by flashlights



Songs written by Flashlights
Produced by Scott Hutchison and Andy Monaghan
Recorded at The Fidelitorium in late 2012
Mixed by Casey Bates
Mastered by Howie Weinberg
Lyrics by Terry Caudill
Released on Hard Rock Records
Artwork by Susie Kirkwood

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released 07 May 2013



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Track Name: Don't Take Me Seriously
It's across my face again. Call me out, I already knew. Too far apart to tell you the truth. It's too much to say, something I just can't take.
There's a difference in your smile today. I see it when the sun hits your face. I see memories of who I used to be.

Color in the lines, it's making me sad. Do you care if I look like a wreck? Biting down to ignore the pain.Laughing at the songs you can sing. It's all talk with you sometimes. I can't feel you out. I want to be what matters. I can't be around just to make you feel at home. You can never be alone.

That's not how I work but I like it at first.

Back at home, my girlfriend doesn't talk to me. I walk to my job to make next to nothing. Stand over the sink and spit in the dishes. Look into my reflection when I just can't do this.

Waking up to no one. Go back to sleep to find myself being someone.
Most of the time I feel like I'm no one.
Track Name: Let's Talk
Let's talk. Don't forget about everything. It's easier to turn your back on me. You'd look more like yourself when used to smile. Do you even fucking care? Do you really want me here?

All the time, I've been so crushed. Everyday, I see more this might not really work itself out. I hardly believe you can wear your heart on your sleeve.

What's left from breaking me down for good? Get it out, let it loose. Your love is tough. It's hard to forget who you used to be. Gentle and sweet. You sold me flat out lies. This won't be the first time. Back and forth, who means more? I won't be the pillow you can rest your head in. Call me names. Slap me if I stand in your way. Keep me in mind when you can't sleep.

Don't be fake. It's showing through your teeth. I'll show you all the scars you gave me. It's all about what's truly beneathe everytime you say you love me. You haven't been there for me.

When I know I can call you home, it's difficult to find different ways out of every small mistake I can make. Just like that, I'm apart of the past. No longer lovers, but a flame that died fast. Was it me the whole time? I'll show you how it feels to be the one who get's left behind.